Application of import permit

Agent of oversea depositor may entrust FIRDI for the application of patent biological material import permits based on “Regulations Governing Management of Infectious Biological Materials” through the Center of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan.

Contact Personnel: Ms Liu, Tel: +886-3-5223191, ext:513.

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Overseas deposition in International Depository Authority,( IDA )

Domestic depositor may entrust FIRDI apply for patent biological material deposit in IDA, Germany (DSMA), IDA, China (CCTCC), and IDA, Japan(NPMD/IPOD). Services include consultations regarding deposit documentations and export permits, entrust deposition application and contacts, as well as assistances in transboundary biological material transfers, etc..

Contact personnel: Ms Chan, Tel: +886-3-5223191, ext: 711.

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Biological material banking services(CHINESE ONLY)

BCRC, FIRDI may assist on deposited patent biological material banking needs upon depositor’s requests. BCRC can make biological materials in two storage conditions, (1) Freeze-dried tubes, (2) Frozen vials. Costs are counted by strain; each strain will be preserved in two storage conditions, with 10 tubes each (NTD16,000/strain).

Contact personnel: Mr. Tang, Tel: +886-3-5223191 ext:512.

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